In the course of our project, we have come across so many wonderful people in Puerto Rico and elsewhere who have developed their own projects in response to Hurricane María. When the project was specifically related to education in the aftermath, we invited those other researchers to share their work through our breakout exhibition. The following are a list of people or organizations who contributed videos about their work to our Playlist.

Nairy AbdElShafy, Columbia University MA in Oral History Program

Sally Delgado, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Cayey

Casa Cortes, San Juan

Universidad Politecnica de San Juan

Brown University Student Team submission to the Columbia Environmental Policy Competition, video: “Solar in Puerto Rico.” Dana Kurniawan (Environmental Science), Estrella Rodriguez (International Relations), Madison Hough (Anthropology & Environmental Studies), and Olivia McClain (Environmental Science).

Banner photograph: Power truck on Culebra, the day the last generator was unplugged, March 20, 2019. Courtesy of Ricia Anne Chansky.