Lesley Ann Noel Talk- March, 1, 2019

On Friday, March 1, we have a co-location talk by Dr. Lesley Anne Noel (Trinidad & Tobago) 2017-2018 Ocean Design Teaching Fellow, about design, climate change and decolonizing the design practice.The Ocean Design Teaching Fellow program is co-hosted with the Stanford d.school.

Lesley_anne Noel, guest speaker

Lesley-Ann Noel recently completed her PhD in Design at North Carolina State University. Her PhD research focused on design thinking at a rural primary school in Trinidad and Tobago. Lesley-Ann is a former Fulbright Scholar and also a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago. In her professional practice, she draws on the fields of design, anthropology, business and education to create product development and business strategy with stakeholders. Her research practice is guided by an emancipatory philosophy. She focuses on developing design curriculum for non-traditional audiences, and promoting the work of designers outside of Europe and North America. She has exhibited work at design exhibitions in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Brazil, Germany, France and the USA. She has presented peer-reviewed papers at design conferences in the Caribbean, the USA, the UK and India.


The co-location talk with Lesley Anne, Dr. Ricia Chansky, Dr. María de Mater O’Neill, Prof. Luis Daniel Rivera, The Mayagüez Design team, Interamerican team from Fajardo and Prof. Iván Martínez (director of  Blackboard from the Interamerican University, Fajardo Campus).

Anne gave a brief explanation of what is Design Thinking, Emancipatory research and what they consists of. 





The Blackboard service was provided by the Interamerican University, Fajardo Campus.